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Urban Artifact Campfire Mug
Urban Artifact Campfire Mug
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Urban Artifact Campfire Mug

Urban Artifact Campfire Mug

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I know of what this mug reminds you. I too have been stranded in the warmest cold place - Jamaica, Vermont - with only a hunk of nearly rotten bear meat stewing in the rich dark-brown calfskin leather satchel on my hip. It was 1979, and oh how I longed for the days of ease before having to walk to get fuel. I tell you it was exhilarating, there in the deep wilderness down the road from the gas station. The slush of the warm snow was no match for my Italian Cap Toe Oxfords - it was much more formidable. I spent minutes in this barren wasteland, not unlike years before when I hiked barefoot across Grise Fiord. The dry air matched only by how wet the rain was. I had nothing with which to collect drinking water to wash down this turned meat; I needed to improvise. Fortunately I had a portable forge with me. I spent countless seconds foraging for my forge; the wood was wet, but it lit anyway. I don’t quite remember exactly how, but I was able to find enough material to form a small vessel with a sort of handle. I believe you’d call it a mug. I collected the wet rain, making sure not to drip any tears in, and drank deeply. The water was the most refreshing I’ve ever had. And by the way, the mug was pretty good.


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