Cincinnati Legion of Archaic Spirits and Paleontology

We are excited to announce the formation of the
Cincinnati Legion of Archaic Spirits and Paleontology.

With guaranteed access to purchase taproom-exclusive beers, as well as a host of other specificities, legionnaires will be able to engage with Urban Artifact in a deeper and more meaningful way.

Membership includes:

  • Guaranteed access to monthly packaged beer releases
    • Pre-purchase your allotment online, and pick it up at our taproom
    • Allotments may be procured by each legionnaire, or a proxy of their choosing, during a two-week pick-up period beginning on the day of the release
    • Exceptions may occur 
  • Included in each CLASP membership:
    • 3 spontaneous sour ales curated by the brewers
    • 1 spontaneous sour ale crafted exclusively for CLASP
    • A limited edition CLASP glass
    • A CLASP-exclusive bottle opener
    • Exclusive CLASP sticker packs
  • Twice a year, CLASP will assist the brewers in creating Midwest Fruit Tart variants
    • Legionnaires will vote on one variant for the June release, as well as one for the October release
  • CLASP Membership
    • $150/year, with 100 spots available
    • May 1st to April 30th
    • Purchase your membership at our webstore, or in person at our 4th Birthday Celebration
    • Include a Northside Relic Society membership for an additional $25/year
For any questions please reach out via email to .
View our terms of service.